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The Curriculum at Upland

At Upland school we are proud to be developing an exciting and innovative curriculum that ensures that when our pupils leave in year 6, they leave with a comprehensive package of academic results and the creative and personal skills to serve them in the rest of their education and onwards in life.

The year 2013/14 has been a year of change as the school prepares to move from a traditional curriculum drawn from QCA schemes of work and the National Framework’s for Numeracy and Literacy, to a new, knowledge based curriculum that has at its heart, academic rigor, the development of children’s personal attributes and creativity.

In Literacy the school is beginning to take a text led approach where the pupil’s learning in writing will be taken from an exciting, inspirational and high quality children’s book. Children will be taught how to write effectively in different genres and on different emotional themes such as excitement, happiness or friendship.

In mathematics, the school continues to use the National Framework and is currently evaluating a range of alternatives to identify the most effective and engaging curriculum we can for 2014.

For the foundation subjects the school has begun to and implement a ‘project based learning’ model of teaching for the foundation subjects. This method of teaching, based on a generation of constructivist research in education, was pioneered in Australia and is closely related to the methods of teaching found in some of the world’s most highly achieving education systems. The method sees increased emphasis on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of learning, building in creativity and handing back choice and accountability to the children while simultaneously ensuring rigour and high standards. Alongside this will come a fresh perspective about where learning happens. The will be developing and ambitious program of outdoor learning to enhance the quality of children’s experiences at Upland.